custom homeBefore you move into your newly constructed custom home, you and your custom home builder will do a final walk through, which will be your final inspection. This will offer you a chance to check for items that need to be adjusted or corrected, know about how your new custom home works, and ask questions about things that you don’t understand. In most cases a Myrtle Beach home builder will use this time to educate the homeowners about

  • How the components of the house work
  • The maintenance and upkeep of the house
  • Warranty procedures and coverage
  • The community where your new home is located.

How to operate the components of the new custom home?

When you purchase a certain piece of equipment, like a washing machine or a printer, you need to read the instructions so you could understand how to use all of their features. With a new custom home, you will get lots of instruction booklets. It’s even better if someone could show you how to use features of your home like the water heater, heating and cooling systems, and more. This type of orientation is crucial because in most cases, people who are moving to their new custom homes seem to have no time to create the instruction booklets carefully.

How to maintain your new custom home?

A part of the walk through is telling you how to maintain your new home. Most new custom homes Myrtle Beach have a one year warranty on the materials and workmanship. But these warranties don’t cover issues that arise due to your failure to maintain your home. Many custom home builders offer a booklet that contains explanation about the most common maintenance responsibilities of new custom home owners and the right way to do them.

If a warranted issue comes up after moving in, the custom home builder Myrtle Beach SC will have certain warranty services that would follow. The requests should be in writing unless it’s an emergency. This will help make sure that everybody clearly understands the service that should be performed.

Custom Home Builder Visits During the Year

Many custom home builders will visit your new custom home during its first year so they can make any required alterations and to work on other non emergency changes. Do not expect a custom home builder to come to the rescue if the problem is about a nail that popped out of the drywall.

Custom Home Inspection Checklist

Come up with a checklist when inspecting your custom home. It must include everything that requires specific attention and you and your custom home builders must agree to a specific timetable for any repairs that need to be done. There are some aspects that need to be fixed after you move in to your new home. You have to be observant and thorough during the walk through. Check all of the fixtures, walls, floors, and surfaces for any sign of damage. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and listen to the answers of your custom home.

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