general contractor myrtle beach scYou may think that you can do everything yourself, but a general contractor in residential construction could add value to your projects. While this is true for some projects, it’s not the case for all. For others, however, a general contractor is essential.

How can you tell when it is time to hire a general contractor instead of a custom home builder? Understanding what contractors do is the first step to finding out the answer.

General contractor responsibilities

The responsibilities of a general contractor

Residential contractors coordinate almost every aspect of a new home construction, home remodeling or improvement project. They also hire other professionals, such as electricians and plumbers. The general contractor will assign subcontractors to work in accordance with trades or professional services.

Qualified contractors must also be licensed and have worker’s comp insurance. This means that they are responsible for any property damage or injuries. They bring more tangible, but still vital, value to your job by their expertise in project management and knowledge of best construction methods, local codes, and industry standards applicable to your project.

The general contractor is responsible for repairing any damage and paying the associated costs.

Certain product and material warranties are also valid for general contractors. If a qualified contractor isn’t employed to install roofs, windows or other features that are essential to long-term structural integrity or performance, warranties may be voided.

When is it appropriate to hire a general contractor.

These questions will help you determine when it is time to hire a general contractor:

What time will it take to complete your project? A general contractor is recommended if the project will take more than a week to complete. Home builders can help keep things running smoothly because they are familiar with the times that subcontractors will require.

What will the local building codes have to do with your project? Some building codes require that certain projects only be completed by licensed professionals. Non-professionals cannot obtain permits. You could be subject to severe fines if you attempt to complete such a project by yourself.

What number of subcontractors are needed? While you may be able to supervise the work of one window installation, a general contractor is a great way to save time, money, and headaches.

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