new construction homeIt is easy to get overwhelmed with your new home construction.

Energy Efficiency 

Windows can be an investment not only in the design and appearance of your new home but also in heating and cooling efficiency. Here are some of the key factors to consider when assessing windows’ energy efficiency. The Energy Star rating is another great resource.

U-Value is a measure of the insulation value of windows of custom built homes Myrtle Beach SC. The higher the value, the better the window’s energy efficiency at keeping out heat or cold.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient:

SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is the heat that is absorbed through the glass of a window. In southern climates that rely on air conditioning, a low SHGC is important to ensure the home doesn’t get too warm from the sun’s rays. The SHGC rating is significantly lower when low-E microscopic coating is used, as you can read about it below.

Style of your New Home Construction

Style is the next thing to think about when choosing windows for your new home. There are many styles of windows to choose from, including double-hung and sliding. They are all great for different purposes and home designs.

Double Hung: Double hung windows are often installed in colonial and traditional homes. They have both top and bottom sliding sashes and slide vertically.

Single Hung: A single hung window is similar to double-hung windows. It has two sashes but the bottom one opens/closes.

Casement: A popular choice for a wide range of home styles, casement windows feature one sash that opens to the left or right using a crank system.

Awning: This is a type of casement window. Awning windows open from the bottom. They tilt vertically upwards to keep rain out. For optimal privacy and airflow, awning windows are placed above the eye on garages and above doors.

Fixed: Fixed windows can be used as accents to other styles of windows, since they don’t allow airflow or open. These windows are great for adding light.

Sliding: These windows can slide horizontally on a track and have a modern, sleek look.


You should also consider all the available material options when choosing windows with the help of Myrtle Beach builders. There are many options available, from traditional wood to modern fiberglass. Each material can be customized to suit your style and budget.

Wood: Wood windows are classic and offer excellent insulation. However, wood requires more maintenance than other materials. Wood can be painted almost any color you like to match your home. Wood with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior is a lower-maintenance option for wooden windows.

Vinyl windows are low-maintenance, energy efficient and economical. Vinyl windows come in many colors but cannot be painted. It is best to choose a color that you will love for a long period of time.

Aluminum: Aluminium windows are more affordable than other types, but they offer less energy efficiency.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass, a relatively new material for windows, is one of the best options available, according to general contractors. Fiberglass is strong enough to be used in large windows and offers excellent energy efficiency.

Glass Type

You can often customize glass to achieve optimal energy efficiency when selecting windows for your new house. Here are some considerations when selecting glass.

Clear: Clear glass is a standard in the industry.

Low-E Microscopic coating: Low-E coated windows reflect a lot of the heat of the sun because of the thin metal oxide finish on the surfaces. It reflects most of the heat but still allows plenty of light through, making it an efficient home.

Layers: Multiple layers can increase the energy efficiency of a window. There are many options to get the best insulation. You have the choice of single, double or triple-paned glass.


Last but not least, consider the cost of new windows for your home. As with most things, you get what your pay for. We recommend that you focus on the quality and durability of your windows when you are building a new home.

The Window Selection Process

All of the window options can seem overwhelming. Our in-house selections coordinator will help you make the right decisions. This helps to simplify the process and ensures that you receive the best service. 

Call Dawol Homes if you need the help of an experienced custom home builder with your new home construction. 

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