custom home builderWhen you decide to get a custom home, you will enjoy having a comfort, healthy, and efficient home. But building a custom house using the construction methods these days require more knowledge than what most people realize. That knowledge is one of the many benefits of working with an expert custom home builder.

Many homeowners want to know about energy efficiency, insulation, heating and cooling system, plumbing and electrical system.

They also wish to know if their indoor air quality is healthy and safe. Homeowners are also concerned that the airtight wall construction that’s required by today’s building codes could trigger health concerns. They would like to know that the home won’t trap dirt, dust, and odors and won’t have unhealthy levels of humidity. These are only a few of the countless questions that people have in their minds.

Health and efficiency are only two aspects of what they refer to as high performance homes or buildings today.

Consider a high performance home as a luxury car. Its custom home builder, like the luxury car manufacturer, wants to provide an extraordinary product that will wow clients. Although the most visible traits of a home are the quality and design, the home’s performance will depend on the carefully made systems. These include systems like a digital home control and monitoring that a homeowner will see and touch, and those whose advantages go often unnoticed, such as perfectly tuned cooling, heating, and fresh air systems, as well as structural elements that would resist decay for several decades.

High Performance, Engineered Custom Home

The primary goal of an engineered custom home is to provide a worry free living to its owner. Making this kind of home requires knowledge that is beyond that of a conventional home builder.

Take for instance those airtight walls. Meeting the requirements of the requirements of the code while guaranteeing structural integrity and fresh indoor air need the home builder to have a good grasp of the principles of building science.

Building science is a known discipline. It studies how different kinds of buildings deal with moisture, heat, and air. Although builders do not have to be scientists, they have to apply the findings of building science. They have to know how doors and windows affect the performance of a custom home, how to develop tight walls that will not trap moisture, how to find the best insulation levels, and several other things.

Custom Home Builders And Their Extensive Knowledge

Custom home builders require an in-depth understanding of the mechanical systems these days. This includes how to select a ventilation system that will keep air fresh without risking drafts. In order to do this, the builder must have enough knowledge to make sure that the mechanical contractor will size the heating and cooling system correctly and design the duct system that is quite but offers a comfortable humidity and consistent temperature and every room.

Having said that, a top rated custom home builder Myrtle Beach will recommend that you choose the best heating and cooling system, even if it is quite expensive. Make sure to take not of that advice. Even if value engineering to bring down the costs, do not demote the mechanical system since the comfort and efficiency it offers will help make your living experience in your home a wonderful experience.

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