custom home builderFinding a custom home builder could be an exciting experience, rewarding, as well as nerve wracking especially if you don’t practice due diligence.

Beware Of Baiters When Looking For Custom Home Builders

A baiter is a type of home builders who will quote a really low price per square foot dollar amount to grab the attention of potential clients. This ploy will then entice you to get in touch with the custom home builder. But as you start working with the builder, you will then realize that the super low price that you were initially quoted on did not include all things and is being quoted with substandard or low grade materials.

Make-Sure Things To Do When Choosing A Custom Home Builder

You need to make sure that the price that’s been quoted by the custom home builder Myrtle Beach is all inclusive. But be sure it is not limited to all of the needed site work, permits, and required hook-ups. There should be no surprises later, when it’s too late. In case you are not a handyman, you’ll want the custom home building process to be totally turn key.

Be sure that you make comparisons of apple to apple when you compare the materials that are used by any home builder. It is best to operate a computer spreadsheet comparing the included specifications of one potential custom home builder to another builder.

Be sure that you visit a few custom homes that are still being constructed to determine the build quality and the actual materials that are being used. If you see a vendor or subcontractor on site, don’t take too much time to ask them if they like working with their custom home builder, if there are any payment issues, or if it is a poorly run site. You might be surprised at the answers you will get from them. You should also pay close attention to the job site’s condition. Is it messy or does it look like the custom home builder does not care?

Make sure that there is a communication process in place during the construction of your home. Each week you must be informed of what are planned for your home. Phone calls, emails, pictures, and etc. are all great tools for a custom home builder to stay in touch with their client.

Make sure that the custom home builder that you choose has great customer references. Call several references and inquire about their overall experience with the custom builder. If people are not happy with their experience, they will let you know.

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