home builderYou should shop carefully for your builder if you are looking to build your dream home. You want to be sure that your home is built by a reliable home builder, regardless of whether it’s a townhouse, house in a subdivision, or a custom-built home. These are some tips that will help you select a home builder.

Create a list of possible Home Builders

After you have decided on the type of house that you want, you can start to create a list.

To obtain a list from your local association of home builders, contact them.

For information on builders and projects, check out the real estate section in your local newspaper. You can learn about the builders in your area by looking through the ads and reviewing the articles. This will help you determine the type of home they are building, and what prices you can expect. You can make a list of builders that build the home you want in the price range you have.

Local agents might also be able to help you in your real estate search.

Ask family and friends for recommendations. 

Do your Homework

Once you have a list, it is time to ask lots of questions of the potential custom home builders as well as the homeowners of the homes.

Visit a builder to see his or her newly custom built homes. You can drive by the home on a weekend, when the homeowners may be doing their household chores or running errands. Introduce yourself to the homeowner and tell them that you are interested in buying a home constructed by their hired home builder. Talk to multiple owners and get opinions from a variety of people. You are more likely to have a more precise impression of a builder the more people you speak with.

Ask homeowners these questions: Are you satisfied with your home? Did you have any issues? Were they resolved promptly and correctly? Would you consider buying another home from the builder?

People will usually tell you if they’re satisfied. If they aren’t, they will likely tell you why.

Drive by the custom homes and check if they are appealing visually.

Keep a notebook handy when you meet with builders or home owners to keep track of the information and your impressions. This will allow you to compare later.

Here’s A list of questions you need to ask your home builder

The first step to building the home you desire is finding the right builder. It is important to feel comfortable asking any potential home builder questions you may have. A professional builder will strive to make you a satisfied homeowner.

List of Questions To Ask Builders

  • Are there any references from previous buyers/occupants that the builder can provide?
  • Is there a financial plan in place for the builder?
  • Is there any way to modify the floor plan, such as adding a basement or a deck?
  • Can a basement room be left unfinished?
  • What can you do to customize standard home features?
  • Can you upgrade or downgrade appliances?
  • Are there additional fees for the development or home?
  • Is there a homeowner’s association? What will the cost of dues be and what does it cover?
  • Is there a warranty offered by the builder?
  • Is landscaping included in the price? What happens if the plants are not available for a year?
  • Do you have any restrictions?
  • How much are the estimated taxes for the property?
  • What is the rating of the school system?
  • Are grocery and daycare convenient and satisfactory?
  • What about emergency services — fire department, police and hospitals?
  • Is there any major development planned for the area within the next five years?

Look for quality and value

You should look at new homes as often as possible. Open houses and home shows sponsored by builders offer great opportunities to view homes. Many models of homes and houses that are displayed at home shows have been furnished to help you plan how you will use the space. A home builder in Myrtle Beach may be able to show you unfurnished homes.

Look at the quality and design of the home when you are looking for it. Examine the quality of the cabinets, carpeting, trim work, and paint. Ask the home builder and the representative. Ask for as much detail as you can. Note down the details if you get them verbally. Never hesitate to ask a question. Even the most insignificant question could lead to a significant answer.

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