home buildingNo matter if you are aiming to lose weight or improve your financial health, success is only possible with proper planning and commitment to achieving your goals. This same principle applies to any endeavor you choose, even in home building.

Here are eight resolutions for the New Year if you planning to have a home building project in 2023.

#1: Know exactly what you want in your home

To get the home of your dreams, you must first know what you want. Do your research and begin to compile a list. Separate the list so that one column lists what you must have and the other lists what you want. Next, you will need to prioritize your lists. You’ll be able to determine which features you can afford, in case of budget concerns.

#2: Figure Out Your Financial Standing

Talk to a lender before you begin looking at floor plans with your custom home builder. They will help you determine how much money you are able to borrow. To ensure accuracy, you should review your credit reports. All the financial documents that you will need to apply for a mortgage should be collected and organized.

#3: Be familiar with the home building process

It pays to be familiar with the process before you start building a home. It is not an easy task to build a house from scratch. The homeowner must be involved in many decisions and design choices. Your builder should be able to explain each stage and you’re involved in each. This will help you understand what to expect when the actual building begins.

#4: Get Organized

It is not an easy task to build a home. Keep everything in order. To keep all papers related to your build organized, create a folder or binder. Keep these items in your folder:

  • Information about credit reports
  • Monthly home budget
  • All financial statements required to apply for a mortgage
  • Your lender will send you pre-approval letters
  • List of your needs and wants
  • Research (builders, realtors, lenders, neighborhoods, lots, etc.)
  • All agreements and contracts relating to your home or property
  • All future documents relating to your home (appraisals and offers, etc.)

#5: Learn How Loans Work for New Construction

Your mortgage loan will be different if you are building a home on land than if you were buying an existing home. A construction loan is required for this type of project. This loan is short-term (maximum 1 year), and comes with special guidelines. They usually include monitoring to make sure the build is on schedule so that your repayments can start promptly. Variable rates on construction loans are linked to the prime rate. After your home is built, your mortgage will be used to repay the remainder of your construction loan.

#6: Prioritize Quality over Cost

You will need to make many decisions during the design phase. You’ll discover that every option has a price. You don’t want quality to be compromised when it comes to your home. You should choose quality over cost. You get what you pay when you build a custom home in Myrtle Beach.

#7: Research Builders

You will find many custom home builders within your local area. How do you choose the right one? Do your research. Ask trusted people for referrals. Look at builder websites to see testimonials from clients. Ask for references from the builder that interests you. Then, reach out to them to learn about their experiences with the builder. Make sure to verify the builder’s reputation, quality, and warranty information.

#8: Your Home is the One Major Change You Will Make This Year

It can be very rewarding to build a home, but also stressful. While your home is being constructed, you don’t want to start another project or make a purchase. This year, focus on building your custom home in Myrtle Beach. You can save any major purchases or projects for next year. You’ll remain more financially secure and be able to enjoy the entire building process.

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