general contractorDo-it-yourself is an excellent way to take on many home improvement projects. Today, thanks to the availability of building materials and information that is friendly to DIYers, homeowners can take on heavy and complex projects previously reserved for a specialist and general contractor, such as floor installation, wall removal, and window replacement. You can save money by doing your own remodeling. It is also a rewarding experience to see the results of all your hard work.

What is the extent of the “do-it-yourself” approach to larger-scale projects like being your own general contractor? It’s not just about using a saw or hammer, but also managing people. This can be a difficult and complex home improvement task.

An architect’s services can be very helpful. They have a lot of experience with the building department. They may have preferred subcontractors and suppliers. They can help you decide if a project will be too complex for you.

The Benefits of Having A General Contractor for Home Improvement

Saving Money

Saving money on home renovations is a major factor in the popularity of do-it-yourself projects.

You can save money by doing certain tasks yourself.

The amount of money that you can save if you act as your own general contractor can be staggering. If you assume a 20-percent commission on a $200,000 major room addition, then acting as your contractor will save you $40,000

You can use the money you save to upgrade your home or to make repairs and remodels. Or, you can spend it on other items you want, like vacations, school fees, vehicles, etc.

Create a contact list

You can build a list of contacts by acting as your contractor. This will include the names and contact details of individuals and companies who may be able to help you with future projects such as painting, installing windows, flooring, or landscaping.

You will need to hire many different trades in order to be your own contractor. These include plumbing, electrical work, flooring, painting, and more. You’ll be able to build a list of skilled tradesmen for future projects after you become your own contractor.

After completing a major remodeling project as the general contractor, a homeowner will rarely have to look for professionals to finish similar projects in the future. When you need to find other professionals, having established relationships with subcontractors will help you get more references. For example, your drywall contractor may know a trustworthy house painter.

general contractor

Better Control

You will always be at the mercy of a general contracting firm, no matter how much they intend to or promise to carry out your wishes.

The translation is always a problem, even in the best of contractor-client relationships. You can control every aspect of a project by acting as your contractor.

The old saying “With great power, comes great responsibility” is true when you are your own contractor. You are more responsible for any problems that arise if you have more control over the project.

More Flexibility

As a local general contractor in Myrtle Beach, you can adapt the project to meet your needs, style, and schedule. You do have some flexibility when you hire a contractor. The schedule, however, is the most important factor. You want the project to be completed on time, but it is up to your contractor to do so.

If you do the work yourself, you can extend a small bathroom remodel that takes two weeks to six months or even a whole year. This type of flexible scheduling is useful if money is tight. It allows you to complete a project when you can afford it.

Cons of being your own contractor

It is also important to note that taking on the role of a general contractor can be a very difficult task. Some homeowners have been so frustrated by the difficulties that they vow to never attempt such work again without a professional contractor.

Significant Learning Curve

It may appear that contractors are merely behind the phone scheduling tradespeople. Even if this were true, the experience they have in scheduling and overseeing workers is still invaluable. Contractors like those from Dawol Homes often have years of hard-earned experience. You can purchase years of experience by paying the contractor commission.

You can’t imagine how valuable it is to have a general contractor with a large list of contacts, including masonry professionals, carpenters and electricians.

You may find that it is more difficult (and often more expensive) to hire subcontractors than you would for a general contractor who has a long-established relationship.

You may not have access to the same building materials or appliances as your general contractor. The general contractor is usually responsible for disposing of demolition materials. If you are the general contractor yourself, you’ll need to take care of this yourself.

No network of connections

Experience brings professional connections. You are not allowed to join the social and professional networks of seasoned contractors. A well-respected general contractor with experience can speed up processes that are slow for ordinary homeowners.

custom home builderYou may not be able to get immediate help if you are a homeowner. Your plans might also be scrutinized. A contractor who has been in the office for a while may find it easier.

The same language is used by building officials and contractors. Many contractors and building officials have friendly relationships. They may see each other more than once a month. A general contractor who has a good history with the building inspector’s office may receive concessions and benefits that homeowners do not.

Subcontractors who are good also prefer to work with general contractors they know well. It makes sense for tradespeople to provide preferential treatment to those they work with constantly–especially individuals, like contractors, who can bring them more business.

Contracting Is Stressful

Home improvement projects can be a huge strain on relationships and families.

Paying the commissions to the general contractors will protect you from the worst aspects of remodeling your home. Families and couples are happier when they have some time away from long-term projects, like building an addition.

Managing all of the subcontractors by yourself can be a source of additional stress. The task of confronting a professional in the building trade with scheduling or quality issues is not easy. Working with a general contractor in Myrtle Beach will help you to handle all necessary confrontations.

Time Management

No matter how big or small the project is, it can be stressful if you have a deadline. You may have plenty of time if you’re remodeling a basement kitchen or guest bedroom.

If you’re remodeling only one kitchen, then time is crucial. The project should be completed as quickly as possible. If your kitchen is not working, you will have to eat frozen meals or take out every day.

If you want to remodel the only bathroom you have in your house, you will need to finish the job quickly. This can be difficult if you are the general contractor. When a homeowner attempts to manage a project, it is not unusual for a project that a general contractor could complete in a matter of weeks to take months.

When should you be your own general contractor?

You can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by acting as your own general contractor for major renovations and building projects. These savings can come at a price in terms of stress and time management. They may even affect the quality of work. Do not take on this role until you have thoroughly weighed the pros and cons and are confident about your abilities.

You can be your own contractor if you are willing to learn how to do the work. The project cannot have a strict timetable.

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