custom homeWhen it comes to building a custom home, you’ve most likely asked yourself how long will it take? The timeline depends on the various phases, however, things like materials, weather, as well as worker availability could also affect the process. But, if everything goes according to plan, the timeline should like this:

Designing Your Custom Home

Before the Build

Before doing anything, you have to look for a predesigned plan or perhaps an architect who can design your home. This is where you’ll find how far your money will go and what it takes to build your dream home.

At this point, you have to know the answers to certain questions like how big you want your home to be, where will the master bedroom face, or should all bedrooms be on the second floor. You need to have all these details in place at this phase so you will have higher chances of having a home that you like.

Building a custom home will take much longer than a predesigned home. One good way to make sure that you do not get too absorbed or overwhelmed by the design phase is to always keep your end goal in mind.

You should also talk to your designer in case you don’t plan on decorating your home on your own. These professionals can tell you about the finishes, textures, prints, and the like to make sure that your home comes together as you want. Don’t forget important items like smoke detectors, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Buying a Lot

Before the Build

You need to buy a land before you can build your custom home. This is applicable whether you want a lot that is located in a housing development or a piece of property that is hidden on 100 acres. Buying a lot could happen before or during the home design process. It’s crucial for you to allocate a part of the budget to your land purchase.

Week 1

When this phase begins, you can hand it over to your custom home builder. The appearance and the construction of your home will be set in stone and that lot you purchased will be prepared to be the site of your new custom home. Always remember that site preparation could be affected by weather conditions as well as other things like unforeseen expenses.

Week 2-5

The three Fs, which stands for framing, foundation, and footing, will be started on this stage. As its name suggests, the walls, floors, and the roof, are going to be framed out using wood. It’s going to be your home’s skeleton. When the framing is finished, a home inspector will check and make sure that everything has been completed according to the code. Once that’s done, the inside of the house will be sealed off from the outside by applying exterior finishes like plywood. Major work on the home’s structure will be conducted at this stage. Always remember that delays may happen depending on certain situations.

Week 6 -8

Once your home gets its basic structure, custom home builder Myrtle Beach will start to fill it with the things that will make it look and function like a real home. Mechanicals will be installed like the plumbing lines, heating and cooling units, as well as electrical systems. Once the work is finished, workers will start to close up the wall using drywall and insulation. So when you walk into your home the next time, it will look way cleaner.

Week 9-11

Until this stage, you will see your new home construction with a lot of wires, drywall, insulation, wood, and concrete. This is the stage where your house will begin to appear like a real home. The flooring will be installed, the cabinets will be set in place, and the trim as well as mouldings will be set up. Homeowners like this stage because their house, at this point, will start to look, like the drawings their architect showed them.

Week 12

At this stage, subcontractors will begin to install countertops, faucets, plugs, lighting fixtures, and appliances. Your front yard will be transformed if you’ve hired a landscaper. It is the time when you get to decide on the design of your home’s exterior and interior.

Week 13-14

During the final weeks of building your custom home, you will be excited to know if everything is coming together just in time for the closing. Make sure that all your concerns and questions are addressed before you move to settlement so that any loose end can be tied up and tiny details are dealt with before you move in.

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