new home constructionHomebuyers who haven’t gone through a new home construction tend to have a wildly inaccurate understanding of what happens during process. They think that it all starts by finding a lot, hiring an architect, and using the latter’s plans to obtain bids from custom home builders and then choosing the best bid.

Although this process can be followed, you can get the best results if you start with a custom home builder. Better yet, find a company that provides top quality design build services so you don’t have to worry about hiring an architect, which will help streamline the building process. By beginning with a custom home builder, a home buyer can save money, time, and headache.

New Home Construction: Why Start With A Custom Home Builder

When looking for a lot to build on, you are not just competing against other buyers but against developers and builders, too. New home builders and developers spend time, energy and resources into finding the best lots to build on. When they do find the perfect lot, they’re ready to buy it and offer the best closing terms that the seller will find it hard to refuse. By working with a custom home builder ahead of time, they may already have the lot that you will love. If not, they will be in the best position to get the lot that you want to have.

Custom Home Builders Have Experience

Custom home builders work with a team of professionals who are ready to assess the property in terms of paperwork, history, build readiness, as well as the other features of the lot. A custom home builder will spend a week doing their research and prepare an offer. If you do this yourself, you’ll have to spend a month on it at least. You will have to do everything yourself and things may become complicated especially when it comes to assessing a lot quickly. A custom home builder knows the in an out of the building process, which includes finding the lot, buying the lot, and building into the lot.

Custom Home Builders Have A Vision

While a home buyer may look at a lot and think that they can imagine their future home, that vision should be tempered and amplified by knowledge. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who know everything about custom built homes Myrtle Beach, can assess a lot and see what its full potential is since they know the very best conditions for home building and what changes can be done.

Custom Home Builders Have Access To Financing Options

As a home buyer, you need to get a new home construction loan from a lender. There are a few benefits to this. For instance, you can build a relationship with a local bank, which needs to approve the builder, and banks offer a range of loan options. But new home construction loans have upfront requirements and that includes paying 30% down payment. If you buy through a custom home builder, they may provide financing rates that are lower than the rates offered by banks.


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