new homeThere’s a high chance you will want to stay in your new home. You have the perfect opportunity to build your dream home in this award-winning community with stunning views of Myrtle Beach and other nearby areas. Now is the perfect time to start planning the details that will make your new home stand out.

Features for your New Home

A dog bathing area

Kelowna residents are passionate about their pets. For your new home construction, it may be worth adding some amenities for Fido. A doggy bathroom station should be installed in your garage so that your dog can clean up after a long hike. You can raise the station to make it easier for smaller dogs.

On-demand water heater

Never again will your shower go cold. An on-demand hot water heater saves space and energy. You heat water only when you use it. You can also take long, luxurious showers with no running water.

Independently managed outdoor outlets

Myrtle Beach is a neighbourhood that knows how to celebrate Christmas. You can be part of the festivities by building your home with outdoor receptacles under eaves or in other locations. These receptacles will eliminate the need to use messy extension cords. You can also wire them to your switches so that you can turn the lights on or off as needed. You can even put them on a smart home system to control outdoor lighting from your smartphone.

Dual kitchen workspaces

If your home is a gathering place for friends and family, then you might consider having two work areas in your kitchen. This allows you to keep others out of your work area, and it also lets you and a friend work in the same space without causing any harm. This takes separate beverage bars to a new level.

Jetted laundry sink

It can be difficult to wash delicate clothes, but with a jetted laundry sink you can do it quickly.

Outlets under-cabinet

Install them below your upper cabinets if you want your beautiful backsplash to continue uninterrupted but don’t want your outlets to be compromised.

Sun tunnels for powder rooms or closets

Sun tunnels are a great way to get natural light into places that don’t have windows.

Stargazing skylights

We can see amazing stars and skies from our backyards thanks to Kelowna’s higher mission. You can see the stars from your bed by installing a skylight in a room.

Recessed outlets

You can add a recess outlet to allow the furniture to sit flush against the wall if you’re certain that a wall will always hold the couch, bed or TV.

Pull out cabinets

A mobile cabinet can be placed beneath your counter top if you need more counter space or a mobile islands. You can pull it out whenever you need extra work space.

Install an elevator

Many homeowners who have walk-out basements or large lots realize that they don’t make the most of their outdoor space. This problem is eliminated by a walk-up plan, which allows for one-floor living. You can add a wheelchair-accessible elevator for $28,000 or install a lift system for $4,500 if you are concerned about grocery shopping.

No space wasted You have the unique opportunity to make sure that every square inch of your custom built home is used. Take a look at the items in your existing home and what you plan to bring into your new home. Next, find a place to store each item. Hallways can be used as bookcases or libraries, while shallow cabinets and spaces between the wall studs can be used to store cleaning supplies and brooms. You don’t have to dig deep to find something in the cupboards under your kitchen cabinets. Hidden drawers can be found under your stairs. This is how you can see the picture. You can modify every space to accommodate an object or a necessity.

You can do so many amazing things when you build your new home. Call Dawol Homes now if need the help of a custom home builder Myrtle Beach SC.

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